Travel during pregnancy

Travelling safely during pregnancy depends on whether you have any problems that need special care, how far along you are in your pregnancy, and your comfort. For most women, travelling is safe during pregnancy.

Many women ask if they can fly during pregnancy. The answer is “yes”. Studies looking at altitude physiology for pregnant women during flight have shown that babies receive the normal amount of oxygen they require on commercial flights.

Generally, the concerns about flying while pregnant are more related to the possibility of you having the baby mid-flight, rather than developing a health problem affecting the pregnancy.

The best time to travel is probably the middle of your pregnancy-between weeks 14 and 28. Most common pregnancy emergencies usually happen in the first and third trimesters. After 28 weeks, it may be harder for you to move around or sit for a long time. During mid-pregnancy, your energy has returned, morning sickness is gone, and you are still mobile. Paying attention to the way you feel is the best guide for your activities.

Most airlines restrict pregnancy travel in the 3rd trimester, generally the cut off is 36th week or 32nd week for multiples so give your airline a call to check their policy

If you have a medical condition that could be made worse by flying or could require emergency medical care, you should avoid flying during your pregnancy.

Even if you are in perfect health before going on a trip, you never know when an emergency will come up. Be sure to get a copy of your health record to take with you.

You can help make your trip as comfortable and safe as possible by following these few travel tips:

  • Find out whether your airline or cruise line has any travel restrictions during pregnancy.
  • Have a prenatal checkup before you leave.
  • Keep your travel plans easy to change. Pregnancy problems can come up even before you leave home. Buy travel insurance to cover tickets and deposits that cannot be refunded.Wear comfortable shoes. Wear a few layers of light clothing.
  • Take time to eat regular meals to boost your energy and keep you feeling good. Be sure to get plenty of fiber to ease constipation, a common travel problem.
  • Drink extra fluids. Take some juice or a bottle of water with you. In an airplane, the cabin is very dry. Choose water instead of a soft drink.

How to make the best of your travels during pregnancy?

Dress comfortably in loose cotton clothing and wear comfortable shoes.
Take your favorite pillow.

Plan for plenty of rest stops, restroom breaks and stretches.
Carry snack foods with you.

If you are traveling any distance, make sure to carry a copy of your prenatal records. Wear your seatbelt and take other safety measures.

Enjoy the trip.